Delta LLE Successfully Partners with Azzawiya Refinery in Long-Term Fuel Oil Supply Agreement


Delta LLE and the Azzawiya refinery have successfully completed a trial cargo, laying the basis for a strong long-term collaboration. The trial, which involved the vessel MT Nostos, successfully transported more than 27,000 metric tons of high sulfur fuel oil, establishing a high level of collaboration between the two entities.

The first phase of this agreement was marked by the dispatch of the vessel MT Own II in December 2022, carrying over 26,000 metric tons of High Sulphur Fuel Oil, signifying a strong start to the collaboration. Following this, the second shipment was executed in early May 2023, with the vessel MT Esenka transporting more than 30,000 metric tons, further solidifying the strength and reliability of this partnership.

The year 2023 ended on a high note for Delta LLE, with the strategic utilization of the vessels MT Minerva and MT Alice, successfully delivering over 55,000 metric tons combined.

Looking ahead to 2024, Delta LLE is poised to continue this agreement, with plans to increase Fuel Oil deliveries. This continued collaboration with Azzawiya Refinery not only reinforces Delta LLE’s position as a key player in the energy sector, but also underlines its commitment to reliable energy solutions.

Delta LLE’s CEO Mr. Sabri Rezk commented, “Our successful partnership with Azzawiya Refinery is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to meet the growing demands of the global energy market. We are excited about the future prospects of this collaboration and remain dedicated to delivering high-quality energy solutions.”

Delta LLE remains committed to upholding the highest standards of service and reliability in all its endeavors.

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