Supply of Reduced Crude Oil to ARC OIL REFINING COMPANY INC

Delta United Group is a leading oil and gas company with operations in the UAE, Libya, Europe, and the United States. The company is strategically positioned to work in the supply, EPC projects, and oil Trading of the world’s industries and infrastructures, connecting expertise, commitments, and knowledge from companies all over the world.
We are pleased to announce that our company has signed a contract with the ARC Oil Refinery, one of Libya’s most well-known oil companies, for the supply of first cargo of 27,000 metric tons of reduced crude oil (high sulfur fuel oil).
Sabri Rezk, CEO and Owner of Delta United Group, said, ‘’our clients have a ferocious appetite for receiving products with high level of quality”. Partnering with this important Oil Refining Company Inc allows us to provide additional value to our customers, proving once again that our business model, which clearly states that we believe in synergies and that companies are made by people, enables us to do so. “The most valuable strategy is Professional People!”

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